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Drug Addicted Dentist Harms Patient

A medical malpractice suit has been filed against a dentist at Manhattan, New York’s Hospital for Joint Diseases.  Dr. Michael Mastromarino’s poor operation on Ana L. Ortiz on June 26, 2000, while the dentist was addicted to drugs and without malpractice insurance, resulted in severe facial disfigurement for Ortiz.

The lawsuit alleges that Ortiz had injury to a cranial nerve that resulted in a facial droop and the necessity for additional surgeries.  The lawsuit also names the hospital because of their complicity in renewing Dr. Mastromarino’s physician credentials even while it had evidence of drug use and the doctor had no insurance.
Dr. Mastromarino had two previous civil penalties against him for false advertising by New Jersey’s Board of Dentistry.  Brooklyn police are also investigating the doctor for organ harvesting.  The investigation is underway to determine if Dr. Mastromarino harvested bones, fat, skin, and other body parts from corpses and then resold them for medical use.

Dr. Mastromarino was discovered on the bathroom floor of his New Jersey office with a hypodermic needle and blood on the floor sometime before the Ortiz surgery.  Court papers show that witnesses say the doctor had left a patient under general anesthesia in order to inject himself with Demerol, a high powered pain killer, in the bathroom.

Tiffane Vrooman, a dental assistant for Dr. Mastromarino, testified that the doctor once passed out on the floor of the office with his scrub pants down. She also testified that during an operation the doctor once fell asleep while suturing a patient.

Following the investigations and lawsuit Dr. Mastromarino’s NY and NJ licenses have been suspended.


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