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Hospital Sued For Grave Error In Handling Deceased Infant

A 35-year-old New York woman is suing South Nassau Communities Hospital for the gross neglect of her deceased premature child’s small body.  Verna Uptigrow gave birth to a little girl only 22 weeks into her pregnancy this past February, which was unfortunately too early to save the life of the half-pound child.

Only days after Uptigrow returned home from the hospital, she received the horrendous news of what had happened to her child’s body.  A hospital laundry attendant allegedly found the infant’s lifeless body in a pile of soiled sheets at the hospital.

Investigators from the Nassau County police department have ascertained that the body was probably placed in a refrigerator locker below soiled linens and then accidentally gathered by employees into the sheets. 

Verna Uptigrow is now suing the hospital for monetary damages claiming the “employees were willful and wanton, as well as reckless, careless and negligent and that it failed and omitted to apprehend and comprehend the degree of care necessary in handling the deceased infant.”

Uptigrow’s attorney Dan Flanzig claims that his client has experienced great emotional anguish because of the incident, regularly suffering from nightmares and depression.  “She feels like she let her child down,” Flanzig commented.  “She has nightmares seeing her baby in that laundry bin.”

A spokesperson for South Nassau Communities Hospital commented that the hospital “deeply regrets” the incident. 

Flanzig commented that Uptigrow hopes with her lawsuit to prevent further incidents from occurring by establishing appropriate disposal methods for the deceased. 

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