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Surgery Mistake Leads to Loss of Woman’s Reproductive Organs

A botched surgery performed in Brooklyn, New York on November 5, 2004 has left a 41-year-old woman without her reproductive organs.  Gladys Rivera underwent surgery to remove a large tumor in her abdomen when Dr. Alejan dro Alcaide “needlessly” removed her ovaries and fallopian tubes, and neglected to excise the intended tumor.  The woman is now seeking legal action against Dr. Alcaide for the serious medical error.  

“I’ll never be the same. He ruined my life,” commented the mother of two, who now requires hormone supplements to maintain her hair and skin.  

Dr. Alcaide allegedly removed Rivera’s ovaries because of her chronic abdominal pain, age, and because, “she already has desired family,” according to post operation reports.  
“I begged him not to remove the ovary,” Rivera commented.  Alcaide purportedly only warned the patient that he may need to remove one ovary if the tumor was attached.  

Even more shocking for the patient was when an additional doctor examined her, only to find that the tumor had not been removed, despite all the damage done.  The new doctor removed the lemon-sized benign tumor along with a piece of her intestine that was affected.  

The series of operations left Rivera with immediate menopause, hormone deficiencies, serious risk for hair loss and an anticipated loss of sexual function, according to reports.  

“It’s like a man going in to remove a lesion in his groin, but the doctor cuts off both testicles instead,” commented Rivera’s attorney, Michael Gunzberg.  

According to legal records, Dr. Alcaide has been named in ten other medical malpractice suits throughout the Brooklyn and Queens area for birth injury cases and other obstetrical and gynecological errors.

Recent cases accusing the doctor of medical malpractice in 1999 and 2000 have reportedly settled in the six-figure range.

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