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Public Citizen consumer group released a report on New York medical malpractice March 11, 2003

Public Citizen consumer group released a report on New York medical malpractice March 11, 2003. According to the report, the medical field is focusing on the wrong issues regarding the New York medical malpractice liability crisis. The group compiled information in the federal government’s National Practitioner Data Bank that shows only 7% of New York’s doctors are responsible for 68% of medical malpractice payouts. Solving the crisis of New York medical malpractice should be to eliminate negligent doctors that are costing patient safety and causing increased insurance premiums according to Public Citizen.

The New York medical malpractice report found that the cost of New York medical malpractice errors cost New Yorkers between $1.1-1.9 billion opposed to the annual cost of malpractice premiums paid by New York doctors costing $873 million, which only includes New York medical malpractice instances that have occurred in a hospital setting. The actual cost of malpractice insurance premiums, in addition, has remained flat for a decade despite the claims of a liability crisis.

Frank Clemente, the director of Public Citizen’s Congress Watch thinks that, “it’s time that the doctor’s lobby stopped pointing fingers at the survivors of medical malpractice and at the survivors’ lawyers.” The report included other New York medical malpractice figures that the group thinks can be amended by implementing effective doctor discipline, state required risk prevention programs at hospitals and with other health care providers, adding error curbing measures at hospitals, requiring proper sanitation methods to reduce infections, and properly addressing the nursing shortage and long hours of medical residents View entire Public Citizen New York medical malpractice report.

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