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Family Discovers Negligence Killed Son

A shocked Oregon family is suing Dr. Jaynant Patel for the wrongful death of their son over six years ago at Doernbecher Children’s Hospital. The family never considered medical negligence as the cause when Ian McClellan’s young life was taken after a series of three faulty surgeries, until they saw a television story on Dr. Patel.

The doctor, who has a frightening history of medical malpractice, has been nicknamed ‘Doctor Death’ in Australia and is now facing a $1.5 million suit for the death of 3-year-old Ian McClellan in 1999.

Dr. Patel performed surgery on the young boy at Doernbecher Children’s Hospital to implant a gastric feeding tube. However, the relatively simple surgery left Ian with a serious infection, prompting the doctor to perform another faulty surgery.

The third surgery for Ian McClellan was executed by a different doctor who told Ana Marie McClellan, Ian’s mother, of the fatal prognosis. “The doctor said ‘It doesn’t look good. His whole bowel has died. I mean, it’s all necrotic.’ And so the option was basically ‘we’ll just have to close him up and you’ll have time to call family.’ And that’s what we did,” commented the distraught mother.

The family is now naming Dr. Patel, Kaiser Permanente, the Oregon Health and Science University, and the Board of Oregon Medical Examiners in the suit for the wrongful death of Ian McClellan.

“If any one of those systems had cut him off at the legs, so to speak, this wouldn’t have happened,” commented Ana Marie McClellan.

The family expressed their utter shock when they saw the television program last April outlining the many failed surgeries and deaths related to Dr. Jayant Patel. “We thought about our son’s death in one way for six or seven years and then one night, boom, it’s all changed,” Ian’s father Matthew McClellan said.

Kaiser Permanente and the Board of Oregon Medical Examiners have refused commentary on the subject thus far, however, Oregon Health and Science University issued the statement, “Dr. Jaynant Patel was granted a clinical appointment at OHSU, which was related only to his service as a physician of Kaiser Permanente.”

The McClellan’s however, maintain that all of these organizations should be held liable for the wrongful death of their young son.

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