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Bedridden Woman Awarded $4.2 Million

A Pennsylvania woman has been awarded $4.2 million from the federal government in her medical malpractice suit alleging that the negligent care of Dr. Ikhinmwin led to the amputation of her legs and mild brain damage.  Fifty-year-old single mother Karen Lee was admitted to the Erie Hamot Medical Center for a severe case of pneumonia affecting both sides of her lungs, when she was treated by Dr.Ikhinmwin. 

Allegedly, when the formerly alcohol dependent patient grew agitated because of breathing problems, the doctor decided without further examination that a sedative should be administered to calm her withdrawal symptoms. 

The drug however, caused Lee to stop breathing all together.  The patient then suffered two heart attacks, loss of circulation to her legs and severely debilitating nerve damage.  As a result of the injury, Lee required amputation of both legs over the next several years. 

Lee’s attorney, Denis Krill has commented that the settlement with the federal government was, “fair and equitable”.  According to her attorney, Lee suffers from short-term memory loss because of the brain damage endured and is bed ridden in her mother’s basement, unable to function without the use of her legs. 

Lee has also reached an undisclosed settlement with Erie’s Hamot Medical Center. 

The plaintiff plans to use the money from the settlements to get prosthetic legs, a motorized wheel chair, therapy, and possibly a new home that will allow her to live comfortably with a wheel chair. 

 “She is going to have medical bills the rest of her life,” commented Krill. “She asked for none of this.  She asked to be treated like a human being and was not.”

The total government settlement will be paid over a ten-year period of time to alleviate the Lee’s medical expenses and will amount to over $4.2 million. 

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