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We have created a myth in our society that doctor errors don't happen; that doctors are infallible, that they don't make errors, don't have to look things up, and have a compendium of knowledge that incorporates every disease, every treatment and every consequence of treatment in their field and know it all by heart! Nothing, of course, could be further from the truth. Doctors do make mistakes, do forget and don't know everything. How did the myth of infallibility have its inception? It has been fostered by doctors themselves. Doctors are taught from their first day in medical school that they are supposed to be infallible and when they do not live up to this impossible goal they are so embarrassed that errors are rarely reported and, therefore, even more rarely corrected.

About 180,000 people die each year as a result of doctor induced injury. That is the equivalent of three jumbo jet crashes every two days. While pilots cannot start an aircraft or even shut it off without a complicated written checklist that has to be followed the same way every time, the most complex of brain or heart surgeries take place every day without a written protocol.

Types of Doctor Errors

Doctor errors can result in any number of types of Medical Malpractice.

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