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eJustice is the only legal marketing firm to offer exclusive local advertising for law firms in each specific area of law. Exclusivity promises one law firm per metro area or city which sends more leads for each law firm and a better response for our consumers. Each listing profiles the participating law firm, imbellished in a custom template designed to replicate the law firm's identity. Read below about each of our local directories.


Divorce LawyersDivorce Lawyer Source - http://www.divorce-lawyer-source.com
The Divorce Lawyer Source was designed to help consumers find helpful legal information about divorce and family law. The resource displays law firm profiles on a local level, and contains information helpful to couples and family members going through the divorce process. Find out more about Divorce Lawyer Source.

Criminal and DUI Law

Criminal LawyersCriminal Lawyer Source - http://www.criminal-law-lawyer-source.com
Criminal Law Lawyer Source contains information for defending a criminal case. Included in the site are news stories regarding recent criminal cases, facts about each area of criminal law, and of course eJustice's trademark lawyers in each metro area.

Personal Injury and Wrongful Death

Personal Injury Lawyers Personal Injury Lawyers - http://www.1personalinjurylawyers.com
The personal injury lawyer directory was built in 2001, the first resource on the web for injured consumers to find legal representation in their local area and area specific news and information. The directory first listed law firms on a state level and has evolved into listings for every metro throughout the United States. Learn more about how eJustice has helped personal injury firms find and retain clients.

Medical Malpractice

Medical MalpracticeMedical Malpractice Attorney Source - http://www.medical-malpractice-attorney-source.com
This resource was built in 2002 and was the second legal resource to be built by eJustice. Since it's inception, this resource has generated over 10,000 leads for associated law firms.

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